We have just launched our website, Vancouver Island Wedding Video’s,  and invite you to peruse great videos, planning ideas, links to wedding and event planners, and of course access to services that make your dream day a time to be remembered years after the honeymoon.

For many couples the day of the wedding is a blur of activity, excitement, anticipation, confusion, celebration and unspeakable joy. Capturing those moments on video instantly creates treasures that can be enjoyed again and again. Thoughtful planning and consideration is the hallmark of successful brides as they prepare for their special day. The peace of mind of knowing that a professional videographer is handling the details of preserving your memories leaves you free to immerse yourself in the moment, knowing you can relive it again in the future with your loved ones.

The website not only has valuable information about videography, it is loaded with related information and Top Ten lists that will keep you organized  and at ease with all your bases covered. Perhaps one of the first things you should consider once you have booked your venue, is to book your videographer. Like great venues, videographers book a year in advance.

Future blogs with go into greater detail about considerations for all aspects of your wedding, so be sure to bookmark this one, and check back often.