Pre-Planning Your Wedding Video

Pre-planning is essential for quality video coverage of all the events related to your wedding. From the first interview where we discuss your desired “must haves,” to the site walk-through prior to the event, camera locations, movements and set-ups all need to be considered. Whether your wedding is on the beach in Tofino or in an urban cathedral or in your parent’s back yard, these locations will all affect the strategic placement of cameras and equipment.

Not only the “where” needs to be planned, but the “what” as well. What events do you want to have recorded? The rehearsal; the Bridal and bridesmaids’ preparation, dressing and  make-up; the groom and groomsmen’s preparation; the processional, the ceremony itself, the recessional, the picture taking session with the photographer, the reception, dinner, dance, and so on. These will need to be agreed upon ahead of time in order to capture all your desired events.

Our goal on your wedding day is to notice everything but not be “noticed” by anyone.

Video RecordingThe Day of the Wedding

Island Wedding Video records video in High Definition, 1080p resolution with multiple digital cameras and operators. Today’s feature-packed cameras use flash card memory as the recording medium which means that cameras can be much more compact than older versions, while performing at much higher levels.

While most people think of the image as the most important component of video, it is the sound quality that cannot be compromised, especially for those all important once-in-a-lifetime vows you will be taking. During the ceremony we equip the groom with a wireless lapel microphone which is best positioned to pick up the minister and the bride and groom independently of the facility sound system. The main camera operator will be listening through the camera headset for accurate reception of the sound signal from the wireless mic.

Island Wedding Video FCPX Editing Screensh

Final Cut Pro Video Editing Program Screenshot

Editing Your Wedding Video

“The Magic is in the Editing.” The process of editing the raw footage of a wedding video is time consuming, typically  taking as much as the 10 or more  hours of raw footage  and distilling it down to a short 5 – 10 minute highlight video. It is not unrealistic to spend 20-30 hours during the editing process. We do expect that you will trust our judgment and creative talent when choosing shots to be selected in the final version. Re-edits will usually not take place without additional charges.

We have a large library of royalty-free background music that we work with in order to avoid copyright infringement problems. If you have specific background music you want to include in your video, we ask that you provide us a copy of the licence you have acquired permitting the use of the music.

Upon completion of the editing process, we will post the video on our private hosting site for your approval. Once the video is deemed to be satisfactory, we will provide you with a USB Flash drive of all the raw footage, plus the final edited versions you have requested. The link to your video on our hosting site can then be shared with your family and friends and posted on social media as you prefer.

New for 2015 –  Get High on Your Video

A spectacular development in videography over the last year has been the affordable deployment of drone video cameras that can record previously impossible videos from unimaginable heights. If your wedding is outdoors and  suitable for drone video, we may be able add that special viewpoint. Check out the video below for an example.