Vancouver Island Wedding Video Examples

Joanne and Warren enjoyed a fabulous outdoor wedding at the paradise home of Joanne’s parents in the Whiteshell of Manitoba. This atmosphere was definitely casual, which suited the perfect day all participants enjoyed outdoors.  For us it was a destination wedding, taking us off Vancouver Island, but the scenery was comparable to the beauty we find here on the Island. This video was accomplished as a single camera, single operator shoot that provided excellent results.

The Wedding of Melissa and Matt at the Pine Lodge Farm in Mill Bay, BC was another fabulous outdoor wedding on a perfect summer day. The setting facing the ocean was breath taking and the ceremony was filled with a special spirit that becomes evident throughout the video. This was accomplished as a two camera, two operator shoot that resulted in about 5 hours of total video footage.

James and Alicia’s wedding was especially challenging  as the videographers were part of the wedding party and had to rely on volunteers to shoot the ceremony in an exceptionally challenging low light setting. This video is presented as a way to demonstrate how to salvage footage from a variety of sources and edit it into a memorable record of the days highlights. The magic is often in the editing where considerable time is spent to achieve a satisfactory result.

Caitlin and Jason had an indoor hotel wedding in Winnipeg in the middle of February. The theme was icy white and grey with a dash of disregard for the minus something temperatures outside. This wedding was shot with a single camera and minimal equipment. The result is a simple video that captured their highlights.