Vancouver Island Wedding Video

Where Wedding Memories Live Forever!

From Victoria to Nanaimo, couples contemplating and planning a wedding on Vancouver Island, face a common problem: memories are short. However, nothing captures the unique and precious moments of your wedding day like the power of professional video cinematography provided by Vancouver Island Wedding Video. Frequently, couples often experience their special day as a blur of activity. Only after reviewing the events of the day, watching a carefully crafted video, do those memories come flooding back. Whether it is a “reception recap” on the day of the wedding, or a special anniversary twenty years later, your wedding video will be a treasured possession that will only increase in value over time. As you plan your wedding, make sure you commit to preserving those memories you want to last forever.

If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words,what is a wedding video worth…

Have you every wished you could pick the perfect image for your still shots? Videographers capture the moment at 30 frames per second in stunning high definition resolution. One minute of video creates 1800 frames or images,  giving you unparalleled choice in selecting your ideal or candid images for your wedding album. If you already have a photographer booked for your wedding, Island Wedding Video works in concert with them to share those moments.
How many words would that be for your video?

Vancouver Island Wedding Video James and Alicia bridesmaids

Vancouver Island Wedding Video James and Alicia bridesmaids